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Most Awesomest Schoolbook Ever!

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So, over the weekend I found something from ex-Yugoslav pop culture that’s A LOT stranger than “Jugo 45″…


The letters here are Cyrillic, which would indicate that the book was intended for Serbian readers. The site where I found this indicates that it was printed sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. Should we suspect the Serbs of militarism, or just give them credit for knowing what would get a boy’s attention?

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Two-year-old exotrooper?

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Toddler with an exoskeleton?


I’d run away!

In seriousness, assistive technology for the (physically) disabled is the area to watch for exoskeleton development.  The field lends itself not only to experimentation, but to actual “field” use of even a “one-off” creation.  This particular specimen is very primitive, looking like nothing so much as a “Technic” Lego set (a video on the story actually mentions that it’s made out of the same plastic as Legos!), but a few motors are all it needs to qualify as a powered exoskeleton. On the whole, it’s nice to see the civilian sector outpacing military development.

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Okay, so I waited a while to do this, but it’s what I wanted to do for an opening post all along.  So, here’s one of the more surreal things I’ve run across in my years of Balkans research:

Translation in part:

They say that the miracles of the world
are African pyramids
They say that the miracles of the world
are great rivers of India

But there was no miracle
like a miracle
when my old dad parked
Yugo 45 in our yard…

It was a good time
everything on credit, everything for the folk and friends
pour some soup in your car
and go to Trieste to buy some jeans

It was a good time
going on picnics and the seaside
lots of laugh in the house
Yugo 45 in the yard…

One night I was peeking
I heard voices from the yard
Momo, Franjo and uncle Mirso
were talking quietly

You can’t hit your neighbour,
so they drank one shot and split up
That night it looked so small,
our Yugo 45

We escaped one morning
with two nylon bags…

Courtesy “Zhabba”,

David N. Brown

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