Two-year-old exotrooper?


Toddler with an exoskeleton?


I’d run away!

In seriousness, assistive technology for the (physically) disabled is the area to watch for exoskeleton development.  The field lends itself not only to experimentation, but to actual “field” use of even a “one-off” creation.  This particular specimen is very primitive, looking like nothing so much as a “Technic” Lego set (a video on the story actually mentions that it’s made out of the same plastic as Legos!), but a few motors are all it needs to qualify as a powered exoskeleton. On the whole, it’s nice to see the civilian sector outpacing military development.

Photo courtesy Daily Mail

David N. Brown

Mesa, Arizona



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  1. lego…

    […]Two-year-old exotrooper? « exotroopers[…]…

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