HY From Hell! Part 1

Here’s one more post for today, starting a possible series on one of the most, um, remarkable vehicles I have heard of, the Citroen HY van.  This particular photo is a configuration I decided HAD to be featured in an Exotroopers story.  It finally got in as one of the vehicles of the “phantom clown” circus:

In the exotroopers series, I have tried very hard for a “post-apocalyptic” look even in the absence of a conventional apocalyptic catastrophe, to go with a semi-humorous philosophical question first raised in Cyborg Vs. EXOTROOPERS!: “What if the world ended and nobody noticed?”  I can’t think of a better representation of “post-apoc without the apocalypse” than the image of a beat-up HY “wearing” the cut-up hulk of another Citroen on the roof!

David  N. Brown

Mesa, Arizona





2 Responses to “HY From Hell! Part 1”

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    I call top seat!

  2. funny, 9gag, humour, funny…

    […]HY From Hell! Part 1 « exotroopers[…]…

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