The faces of evil clowns

As the next installment in covering my “phantom clown” sketches, here’s a couple concept sketches.

I consider this the best of my sketches.  It’s patterned after  a 19th-century German “peasant”.  The face paint is meant to be flesh tones, which have been used historically by clowns.  In the story, there are an indeterminate number of these guys, indistinguishable from each other and acting as helpers to a smaller number of clowns who each have their own costumes.  What I like about this design is that the costume is just “normal” enough that they could stand on the street without attracting immediate attention… sort of an “undercover” clown.

Now this sketch got very favorable responses from those who have seen it.  He’s called the Puppeteer, and I still haven’t decided how much he should be featured in the story.  The costume is actually modelled on garb worn by Medieval and Renaissance physicians.  An underlying idea in my story is that there is a connection between clowns and the costumed priesthoods of the ancient pagan times.  The Medieval “bird mask” presented an especially striking illustration of the idea.

David N. Brown

Mesa, Arizona



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