King Clown

Here’s another entry on “phantom clowns” and my project on same.  First off, here’s a concept sketch of the “leader” of the phantom clown circus:

The face and headdress are pretty much as they have always been envisioned, and previously sketched.  The horizontal stripes are a new decision, influenced in part by review of Hopi Pueblo clowns which were considered as models when I first thought of this project.

Also, here’s a little bibliography of online articles on “phantom clowns”:

Phantom Clowns Are Back!

A 2008 piece by Loren Coleman, probably the first writer to bring the phenomenon to people’s attention.

Those Elusive Phantom Clowns

A brutal critique of a “skeptical” article on phantom clowns published by Fortean Times, which also offers a good deal of information and further observations and analysis.  Unfortunately, this insightful author doesn’t seem to have followed up with any further content at the blog.

Phantom Clowns, Bogus Social Workers and Men in Black

A mix of Fortean and pop culture material, including some details on another phenomenon, the “phantom social worker”.

The Anomaly Wore Plaid

An interesting piece on one of the more obscure Fortean memes, mysterious characters wearing “checkered” clothing.  I have personally contemplated subtle parallels between the appearance of these entities and a clown costume.

Phantoms, Daemons and Finders

This could be considered “off the deep end” even for “phantom clown” studies, but still insightful.  Of most interest, the author places particular emphasis on parallels between “clown flaps” and the much higher-profile  “Satanic panic”  abuse allegations of the 1980s, in the process taking the very lonely view that the latter should be regarded as at least possibly something more than mass hysteria and urban legends.

David N. Brown

Mesa, Arizona


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