HY from Hell! Part 4

Back and bigger (not to mention uglier) than ever, it’s the HYs from Hell!  This time, I’m covering something I never felt I could avoid, the film High Tension, which I ran down on netflix not too long ago.  This 2002 French horror film prominently features an HY van.  Oh, right, and also gratuitous violence, gratuitous gore, gratuitous nudity, gratuitous lesbianism, gratuitous use of an improvised mace and a gratuitous multiple-personality subplot that’s not so much a surprise ending as it is having one’s intelligence bludgeoned with the above-mentioned mace.  Well, at least it has an HY.  By the post-apocalyptic-without-the-apocalypse standards of this feature, it’s a pretty mundane specimen:  The only deviations from specs are an extra set of headlights and an interesting replacement bumper, and the paint job is a little too pristine.  (At least they didn’t make it glossy… That would have been a more terrible mutilation than most of the film’s homicides!)  Still, it’s impressively bleak in appearance, and as massive as ever.  Let’s look at a few more pictures…

David N. Brown

Mesa, Arizona


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